Biological explanations

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  • Biological Explanations
    • Family Studies
      • The closer they are related the more likely they are to get schitz through genetics
      • Grottesman found if they have 2 schitz parents the concordance rates are 46% compared to 13% for one schitz parent
    • Twin Studies
      • Mz twins= 40.4% con rate.
      • Dz twins= 7.4% con rate.
    • Adoption Studies
      • If a biological parent has it and so does the child it is to do with genetics
      • Adopted parent has to and so does child it is to do with the environment
      • Tienari et al (2000) did a study in Finland on 164 adopted children.
        • If their biological mother had schitz 11 of them recieved a diagnosis
        • If their biological mother didnt have schitz only 4 was diagnosed
    • Dopamine Hypothesis
      • Excess of dopamine can cause positive symptoms
      • Revised Dopamine Hypothesis
        • Deficit in prefrontal cortex can lead to negative symptoms
    • Dopaminergic Activity
      • Amphetamine increases dopamine which can cause development of schitz
      • Drugs that decrease dopamine levels decrease the risk pf schitz
    • Specific Brain Areas
      • Deficits in nerve connections between hippocampus and pfc cause memory impairments
      • The prefrontal cortex is impaired in schitz patients
    • Matter
      • Grey matter is reduced in temporal and frontal lobes in schitz
      • White matter is reduced in the brain and spinal cord in schitz


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