Biological Approach

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  • Biological Approach
    • Evolution
      • Each organism has a set of genes, organism inherits these from parent
      • Variations are caused by variations in genotype
      • Genotype affect a physical characteristic of organism, this is called phenotype
    • Evolution and Natural Selection
      • 1. Organism with adaptations suitable for environment survive.
      • 2. They reproduce and pass on their genes.
      • 3. The offspring have this characteristic and it becomes more common in the population
      • This characteristic comes about from a genetic mutation
    • Genotype & Phentotype
      • Genotype = Genetic makeup of individual, particular set of genes individual possesses. e.g. blood type
      • Phenotype = Observational characteristic shown by an individual that are a result of both genes and environment e.g. height.
    • Heredity
      • Passing a trait and behaviour from parents to offspring - being able to inherit something.


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