Biological Approach

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  • Biological Approach
    • Strengths
      • Scientific Approach: Neuroscience, Drug therapy
      • Deterministic Approach: Predetermines our behaviour, Schizophrenia.
      • Successful Application: Placebo's, depression, drug therapy.
    • Weaknesses
      • Reductionist Approach: Understanding how the system works, Adrenaline
      • Nature rather than Nurture: Biological (Nature), Life experiences (Nurture)
      • Individual Differences: Nomothetic: Hormones Oxytocin
    • Evolutionary Influences
      • Charles Darwin - Natural Selection, survival of the fittest
      • EEA - Environment of Evolutionary Adaptiveness.
      • Changes with the time, theory of evolution explains how the human mind and behaviour has changed.
    • Localisation of Brain Functions
      • Refers to the principle that certain areas of the brain are responsible for different functions.
      • Four Lobes: Frontal - responsible for thinking and creativity. Temporal - Responsible of memory
    • Neurotransmitters
      • Electrically excitable cell that form the basis of the nervous system.
      • One neuron communicates with another at a synapse, where the message is relayed by chemical messengers.
      • Mental Health
        • Low levels of Serotonin = Depression
        • High levels of Dopamine = Symptoms of Schizophrenia


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