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  • Biolfuels
    • Levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere are increasing
      • This is contributing to 'Global Warming'
    • An increase of the Earth's temperature by only a few degrees Celsius:
      • May cause big changes in the Earth's climate
      • May cause a rise in sea level
      • May reduce biodiversity
      • May cause changes in migration patterns, e.g. Birds
      • May result in changes in the distribution of species
    • Carbon dioxide can be sequestered in:
      • Oceans
      • Lakes
      • Ponds
      • This is  an important factor in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
    • Biogas
      • Biofuels can be made form natural products
          • Biogas (mainly METHANE) can be produced in this way
            • By anaerobic fermentation of a wide range of plant products or waste materials
              • Which contain carbohydrates


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