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  • Biofuels
    • Fermentation
      • when bacteria or yeast break sugars down by anaerobic respiration
        • anaerobic respiration does not use oxygen
      • ethanol
        • Made by breaking down glucose
        • used to power cars in brazil
          • 'gasohol'
    • Biogas
      • Made by Anaerobic fermentation of waste material
      • 70% methane 30% Carbon Dioxide
      • Microorganisms are used to make biogas (or sludge waste from sewage works on larger scales)
        • They ferment plant and animal waste (which contains carbohydrates)
      • Made in a generator or digestor
        • Two types of 'generator'
          • Batch generators and continuous generators
        • need to be kept at certain tempreatures
          • enables the microorganisms to respire
      • Can't be stored (as a liquid)
        • Has to be used straight away
          • Heating, Lighting, cooking, powering turbines (to generate electricity)
    • Fuel production can happen on both small and large scales
      • Small biogas generators are being used to make enough gas for villages
        • Cooking stoves, lighting and heating
      • Human waste from keeping pigs and food waste can be digested by bacteria to create biogas
      • By-products are used to fertilize crops and gardens


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