Bio fuels

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  • Biofuels
    • FUELS can be made by FERMENTATION
      • natural/waste products
      • Fermentation :the reaction in which the ENZYMES in YEAST turn GLUCOSE (sugar) into ETHANOL and CO2
      • anaerobic respiration
    • ETHANOL is made by ANAEROBIC fermentation of SUGAR
      • glucose derived from  MAIZE STARCH by the action of carbohydrase
        • OR use SUGAR CANE juices
      • Ethanol DISTILLED to separate from yeast and glucose before use
      • GASHOL , Brazilian  car fuel (petrol+ ethanol)
    • BIOGAS is made by ANAEROBIC fermentation of WASTE MATERIAL
      • 70% Methane and 30%
      • different micro-organisms used
        • they ferment plant and animal waste (containing carbohydrates)
          • Sludge from sewage plants/ sugar factories is used on LARGE SCALE
      • Untitled
      • made in simple fermenter : DIGESTER or GENERATOR
        • need to be kept at constant temp.
          • for respiring mirco-organisms
      • can't be stored as liquid, has to be used straight away
        • heating
        • cooking
        • lighting
        • power a turnbine
        • generate electricity
    • Fuel production LARGE/SMALL scale
      • large
        • country
      • small
        • village/family
      • human waste form keeping pigs and food waste can be digested by bacteria
        • to produce Biogas
          • By-products to be used as fertilisers


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