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  • Biofuels
    • What are biofuels? And how are they different from fossil fuels
      • A fuel thats made from recently  living organisms
        • Plant or algae are normally used because they can lock up the suns energy
        • Animal waste can be used but its often done on a smaller scale
      • Fossil fuels are made from recently living organism
    • Pros
      • Cheap to make
      • Easy to transport
      • It can be mixed with fossil fuels
        • This means that we dont have make new cars to use as fuel in transport
      • A renewable source of energy
      • Can be a great substitute for fossil fuels
    • Cons
      • Need somewhere to grow all the plants
        • This could lead to cutting down forests
      • The harvesting, processing and transporting requires energy
    • Examples of biofuels
      • Bioethanol
        • It’s used as a petrol substitute for road transport
        • Made mainly during the sugar fermentation process but can be created chemically
        • By using this type of bio energy there will be less greenhouse gas emissions
      • Biodiesel
        • Biodiesel can be used as an alternative to conventional or ‘fossil’ diesel
        • It can be produced straight from vegetable, animal or cooking oil
        • This fuel is carbon neutral
      • Biomethane
        • Biomethane is a natural gas released by anaerobic respiration of organic matter
        • It’s used for energy
        • Production eliminated the release of a lot of other harmful gases into the atmosphere


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