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    • Availability, Intermittency & Reliabilty
      • energy is stored so usually available whenever
      • Energy crops can be dependent on seasons for proper growth
    • Transport & Storage
      • Chemical Energy in wood, biodiesel and alcohol can be stored easily for later use
    • Energy Density
      • High, can be used to replace liquid fossil fuels in vehicles
      • Energy goes into irrigation, fertilizers, harvest machinery & crop processing
    • Environmental Impacts
      • habitat loss to grow crop
      • Intense farming methods
    • Technology
      • Forestry, domestic or industrial waste can be incinerated to generate electricity
      • Anaerobic bacteria can digest sewage to produce methane
      • Landfill gases can be collected and used
      • Energy crops can be grown and harvested into fuel
    • Location
      • require land suitable for crop growth or landfill
    • Economics & Trade
      • Reduces dependence on foreign suppliers
      • Increased income of farmers
      • waste is invaluble while crops become expensive with labour costs
      • energy crops may require irrigation and fertilizers
      • US Energy Policy Act 2005 promotes biofuels with grants/loans for research and development


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