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  • Biodiversity
    • Definition
      • Measure of number of species on the planet
      • Biosphere
      • Species - a group of organisms that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring
    • Common ancestors
      • Liinkages found through amino acid sequencing. The similar the sequence the closer the relation
    • Similar structures
      • Analogous- looks superficially similar as they have similar functions.
      • Homologous- suggest a common ancestor, even though they might have different functions.
    • Evolution
      • Adaptive radiation
      • Change of organisms over time with a formation of a new species
      • Charles Darwin-Hms Beagle
        • Natural selection
      • Extinction
      • Bottle necks-mass extinction due to the change in environment
    • Fossils
      • Dead remain of plants and animals
      • Found in  sedimentary rock


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