Biodiversity 2


  • distribution of treats
  • factors that threaten
  • disruption of ecosystem processes
  • ecosystem degradation

taken from the edexcel a2 Dunn et al text book

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  • Threats to Biodiversity
    • distribution of threatened areas
      • Audtiting
        • report an increasing rate of habitat destruction and species extinctions, therefore biodiversity loss.
          • none give a complete picture and all give different results as they measure different things
        • economic scorecard- produced for the world resources institute (WRI). this shows the ability of ecosystems to produce goods and services
        • the Living Planet index- developed by WWF. monitors changes over time in the populations of representative animal species in forests, freshwater, and marine ecosystems
          • www.wwf.
        • Ecological footprint- measures human impacts on the planet
        • the red list of endangered species- compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). has identified over 16000 plant and animal species in danger of extinction
        • Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA)- multi scale assessment commissioned by the UN
          • www. millennium assessment .org


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