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  • Biodiversity
    • Ecosystem Diversity
      • The range of different habitats within a particular area
    • Genetic Diversity
      • The variety of genes possessed by the individuals that make up any one species
    • Species Diversity
      • The number of different species and the number of individuals of each species within any one community
      • There are two  components to species diversity
        • The number of different species in a given area
        • The proportion of the community that is made up of an individual species
    • Diversity index
      • Equation:     d = N(N-1) (the sum of) n(n-1)
        • d = Species diversity index
        • N = The total number of organisms of all species
        • The higher the value for d the greater the species diversity
    • It refers to the number and variety of living organisms in a particular area


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