Biodiversity & Ecosystem

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  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem
    • Biodiversity
      • The variety of all different species in a particular ecosystem
    • Ecosystem
      • A system that includes all living organisms in an  area and non-living factors
    • High biodiversity
      • Ensure that stability of ecosystem by reducing one species dependence on another
      • Future of human species on earth relies on high biodiversity
    • Negative human impacts on biodiversity
      • Human action are reducing biodiversity. Action such as: More waste and More land use
      • Only recently have we tried to reduce impacts of these actions
    • Pollution from waste
      • Pollution kills plants and animals which can reduce biodiversity
      • In water, from sewage fertiliser or toxic chemicals.
    • Land use
      • Humans reduce land available for animals by: Building, Quarrying, Farming and Dumping waste
    • Destruction of peat bogs
      • Used for compost. leads to reduction in size of the habitat
      • Decay burning of peat releases carbon dioxide
    • Deforestation
      • Removal of forests to: Grow cattle and rice fields
    • Causes of global warming
      • Biological impacts of global warming
        • Loss of habitat through flooding
        • Changes in distribution of organisms as temperature rainfall and climate change
    • Maintaining biodiversity
      • Breeding programmes for endangered species
      • Protection and regeneration of rare habitats


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