Biochemical tests

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  • biochemical tests
    • proteins
      • few drops sodium hydroxide to make alkaline solution
      • add copper (II) sulfate solution
      • positive:Purple Negative: stay blue - colours can be pale
    • reducing sugars
      • reducing sugars include monosaccharides and disaccharides
      • add benedicts reagent
      • heat, do not boil
      • negative- Blue positive - green, yellow, orange, brick red, (strength means more present)
    • non- reducing sugars
      • EG sucrose
      • boil with hydrochloric acid
      • neutralise with sodium hydrogen carbonate
      • carry out reducing sugar steps
    • starch
      • add iodine to potassium iodide solution
      • add to solution
      • negative- orange/brown positive: dark blue/ black
    • lipids
      • add ethanol to  sample
      • shake for minute then add water
      • negative- clear, positive: milky (the milkier it is the more of the sample present)


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