Social role theory

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  • Bio-social explanation(social role theory)
    • Argues that the evolutionary theory is not correct.
      • Eagly and wood- suggests that selective pressures only cause physical differences, but it is the different roles in society which gives m/f psychological differences.
        • Male roles are based on physical strength - females are on the ability to give birth.
          • Psychological characteristics need to develop to allow them to carry out these tasks.
            • E and W stressed that in societies where strength is not required , social roles will become more similar between m/f.
    • AO2 support
      • E and W re-examined Buss research and found that differences in mate selection were not prominent in societies where roles were equal.
    • A02 limitation
      • There are still biological differences that determine biological differences and sex roles.
        • Women are the only sex that can reproduce. Majority of societies are patriarchal.


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