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  • Bingley sisters Volume 1
    • "Miss Bingley was by means unwilling to perside at his table - nor was Mrs Hurst, who had married a man of more fashion then fortune."
      • This shows that both his sisters are willing to look after him, even though Mrs Hurst has a house of her own to look after.
    • "Mrs Hurst and her sister allowed it to be so but still they admired and liked her."
      • The  sister seems to like Jane and want to know her better. They don't seem to like Jane and Mr Bingley.
    • "His sisters are charming women, never in my life saw anything more elegant then their dresses."
      • Quite well of and in high society.
    • "Miss Bennet's pleasing manner grew on the goodwill of Mrs Hurst and Miss Bingley and thought the mother was found to be unpleasant."
      • Jane likes the Bingley Sisters but the sisters find Mrs Bennet intolerable and Jane youonger sisters not worth speaching to.
    • "Miss Bingley immediately fines her eyes on his face, and desired he would tell her what lady had caught his eye."
      • She is obsessed with Mr Darcy.
    • "Mr Darcy replied with great intrepidity."
      • This bit hints that Miss Bingley might want to marry Mr Darcy. Shows her intrest.
    • "My dear freind"
      • She already sees Jane as a close freind.
    • "Was almost incredible to Mrs Hurst and Miss Bingley."
      • Mr Bingley's sisters are shocked at Elizabeth behaviour to walk around the countryside die to her sister being ill.
    • "Miss Bingley was obliged to convert the offer of the chaise to an invitation to remain at Netherfield for the present."
      • Miss Bingley is not keen on Elizabeth stay. Due to her society when Jane stays Elizabeth can stay.


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