The Billiard Ball Model

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    • This model is supported by REALISM
      • Believing the global system operates in anarchy.
    • Every BILLIARD BALL is sovereign.
      • Meaning it is protected.
    • These balls will push into each other.
    • The bigger balls will have most influence because they have more power.
      • E.g USA/CHINA
    • PUSH factors:
      • Conflicting ideologies RELIGION AND WAR
      • PULL factors:
    • This model has come under pressure due to the growth of interdependence.
      • This has created a condition of complex interdependence through trading.
        • Stated by Nye and Keohane
        • Known as the COBWEB MODEL
        • Both BILLIARD & COBWEB models shows interdependence varies across the globe.
          • Thus, these models only apply to countries who are willing to trade.
          • In order for these to work, GREAT POWERS must be involved.


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