Bill and Miriam

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  • Bill and Miriam
    • Irene
      • “ a proud little fire glowed within her
      • “ he was a hero “
      • “ if it wasn’t for him they would be lost, leaderless”
    • Page 35-36
      • “He had slid guiltily out of sight
      • “Supple body , those lovely breasts”
      • “She was the-ninth , was it? “
      • “I sometimes think she has other things on her mind”
    • Page 40-42
      • “Miriam , too, was accustomed to this kind of subterfuge”
      • “ an hour alone with Miriam ;maybe two.privacy. A bed. They had never made love in a bed.
      • “Using an endearment he would never have tolerated from Irene”
    • Page 78-79
      • “He didn’t even want to meet his eye, if he could help it”
      • “He was glad ,finally, hat the thing had been mentioned at last”
    • Page 80-89
      • “He and Miriam didn’t know each other very well”
      • “Sitting with a stranger”
      • “He thought about Irene and found himself aching for her company ... just for her kindly wordless presence “
      • They lay like this not for the sake of intimacy , but because their double mattress sagged heavily in the middle”
      • “Flicker bravely on their table “
      • “Neither spoke much”
      • “She pushed him away “
      • “Some cloud was gathering in the corner of his memory”
      • “Macho resolve”
      • “Knowing even as he said them that he shouldn’t be saying them “
    • Page 150-152
      • “Humiliation and exposition stared him in the face that night”
      • “Begging him for the sake of Irene and doug to keep the affair a secret “
      • “Ill tell Irene about you and Miriam newman
      • “Nothing took their place”
      • “She had fled to him”
      • “ he had stayed faithful to Irene from then on < in deed if not in thought “
    • Page 224-246
      • “She was obsessed with you.she loved you”
      • “Creaking of chair BA sitting up , changing position “
      • “”Your sisters dead”


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