Bickman on the street

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  • Bickman     On the street
    • Aims
      • To test ecological validity of Milgram's work in a realistic setting
      • Examine effects of perceived authority on obediance
    • Procedure
      • 3 male experimenters randomly selected 153 pedestrians in Brooklyn New York
      • Experimenters were dressed: sports coat andtie, milkman uniform and guards uniform
      • Experimenter gave orders eg: pick this bag up for me
    • Evaluation
      • Bickman's orders not as bad as Milgram's. Obedience was more understandable
      • Field experiment= high ecological validity and mundane realism
      • Field experiment= less control than lab, could be effected by confounding variables
      • Ethics= No informed consent and debriefing difficult without alerting others
    • Conclusion
      • Obedience can be related to amount of perceived authority
      • Milgram's study does have some ecological validity
    • Findings
      • Participants most likely to obey experimenter dressed as guard and less as milkman or civilian


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