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  • Bible
    • Some Christians believe that the Bible is how Gods reveals himself to Christians
    • Some Christians take the Bible literally
      • Eg. Creationists would believe everything about Genesis was true
    • Used for teaching
      • Guides them to live a Christian life
        • Eg. Ten Commandments
          • Offers Christians support and structure in their lives
        • Eg. Bible Study
      • Offers Christians support and structure in their lives
    • Used for Private Worship
      • Prayers are used to bring Christians closer to God
      • Meditation
    • Christians translate the Bible as they believe that everyone should read the Bible in their own language
    • Others may say that the Holy Spirit inspired the poeple who wrote the books of the Bible, but humans wrote the books.
      • These poeple may argue that the Bible should be interpreted according to modern ideas.
      • Verbal inerrency
    • Used for Public worship
      • Passages form the Bible are almost always used
      • Catholic Mass - Liturgy of the word and Liturgy of the Eucharist
      • Protestant Service - Centred on passages to emphasise a particular theme. Followed by a long sermon to explain and expand on it.
      • Quaker Service - Sit in silence until inspired to read a passage by the Holy Spirit
      • Study Groups - They read, discuss, share thoughts of the meaningfullness of passages.
    • Holy scripture for Christians (Old Testament for Jews)


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