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  • Bhangra
    • Origins
      • Originated in Punjab part of India
      • Fuses  western pop, Hindi film and Punjabi music
    • Key elements
      • Harmony is usually simple with one or two repeated chords
      • Dhol provides bass part, tabla or Dholack play decorative part
      • Lyrics sung in punjabi and often from poems called Boli
      • Lyrics often about love relationships money and drinking
    • Instruments
      • Dhol is  a large traditional North Indian drum
        • The tension can be adjusted to make bass and treble sounds
      • Tabla  is a pair of small drums
      • Dholak is a small handheld drum that's double headed
      • Traditional punjabi instruments fused with electric guitars
      • Tumbi is a one string fiddle
    • The dance
      • Usually danced at parties eg weddings
      • Often danced in circles with lots of arm movement
      • The step rhythm is set by dhols


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