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  • Bhangra
    • Key Instrument:
      • Dhol: a double-headed, barrel-shaped drum
    • Rhythm:
      • Chaal: an eight note repeated pattern. The quavers are swung like in the blues
    • Origin:
      • Traditional folk music from the Punjab (an area in northern India and Pakistan
    • Tune:
      • Bhangra tunes are often based around intervals of a minor third and you'll hear lots of repeated notes
    • Modern Bhangra:
      • It developed in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s
    • Dances:
      • Jhumar
        • Flowing, slow dance. Dancers move around a circle. They sing a quiet chorus to accompany the drum's rhythm
      • Giddha
        • Only women. Used to tell stories. Dancers control the beat by clapping their hands
      • Daankara
        • Danced at weddings. Men dance in pairs and beat the rhythm using coloured sticks


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