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  • Bhangra
    • Origins
      • Folk music from the Punjab.
        • An area in Northern India and Pakistan.
      • Played to celebrate the end of harvest.
      • Often based around intervals of a minor third.
      • Lots of repeated notes.
    • Dances
      • Giddha
        • Used to tell stories or act out events.
        • Control the beat of the music by clapping their hands.
      • Daankara
        • Danced at weddings.
    • Chaal Rhythm
      • An eight-note repeated pattern.
      • The quavers are swung like in the blues.
    • Modern Bhangra
      • Music Technology
        • Remixes
          • Lots of different layers mixed together in new ways.
        • Samples from other music
          • E.g. bass lines, drum parts, words etc.
        • Drum Machines instead of the dhol.
        • DJ techniques e.g. Scratching
      • Fused chaal rhythm with Western styles i.e. hip-hop, disco etc.
      • Used Western instruments like electric guitar and synthesizers.


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