Beveridge Report

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  • Beveridge Report
    • Five Great Social Evils
      • Want (Poverty) - 1/3 working class lived in poverty
      • Squalor (Housing Conditions)
      • Disease (Illnesses e.g: TB, Scarlet Fever)
      • Ignorance (poor education)
      • Idleness (Unemployed)
    • Sold 635,000 copies in total
    • Before:
      • Child and women were not covered
      • 'Safety Net' - prevention is better than cure'
      • Worries over health and economic security were major concerns
    • Preventing Want:
      • Each employer had to pay a flat rate sum of money (stamp)
      • Benefits for sickness and unemployment were universal set at the poverty line
      • No 'means test'
      • Child allowances given
    • Disease - improved by NHS
    • Squalor - council houses - 80% resources dedicated to them
    • Idleness - free compulsory secondary education
    • Idleness - plenty of jobs available
    • Politics: Labour fully supported Conservatives - lukewarm Churchill - against wanted global security




Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much! This is concise and yet detailed too. Really appreciate it, thank you.

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