Betty Friedan Liberalism

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  • Betty Friedan
    • Legal equality
      • She wanted oppressive laws to be overturned (in 1960s it was legal for an employer to dismiss a women when she became pregnant)
    • Equal oppertunity
      • Wanted oppressive social views to be challenged
      • Social expectations were for women to be housewives. Women were taught what should make them happy but it didn't. "the problem that has no name"
        • Friedan believed women were held back from their potential because of the number of jobs that were seen as 'acceptable for women'
      • She believed once that legal equality was established women could enjoy genuine equality of opportunity to men
    • Modern liberals think individual freedom is linked to helping humans flourish. Believe in development -al individualism
    • Modern Liberal: Believed government intervention is needed to enable less well off to reach their potential
      • Some people do not have the financial resources to reach their potential.
    • Believed in positive freedom: tax on richest to help poorest reach their potential (enabling state)
    • Believe in foundational equality, formal equality, and equality of oppertunity
    • Believe government has a positive role to play in the economy, Keynesian economic management.


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