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  • best ways to revise and important notes
    • always prey, and try to have time for yourself.
      • its important to remember your lords thats always helping you..thank you LORD, means you are mrore likly to be successful from religion and other thngs ...
      • rdo exercises, such as running or playing other sports to calm down, relax, and nt get too tired of working..this is very important to do so
    • make a useful timetable. that covers all aspect of the subjects or topics you need to revise for.
      • manage your must have specific details.
      • make a list of all the thinsg you need to revise for for each subject. then tick once its done. after aall of this has been done, test yourself...
    • take a breakl after 30 mins of revision,...
      • do exercise, stretch, make a cup of tea, ...
      • this allows your body to relax, and refreshes you brain, which means that when you start you wont be as tired ...etc
    • ways to revise
      • loads ofpast papers will help
      • write notes in your own words, and then get a paper that is half of the paper you wrote on, repeat this many times and then it will get into a point when you have a phrase or a word thats sums up that first note you wrote. this takes long but will help
      • read notes and do research on topics you are weak on...
    • there are many other ways to revise. in addition these following websites may help
      • maths: exam solutions
      • k scince and chem guide
      • the subjects exam board websit
      • khan academy
      • use resources from get revising




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