Cosmological argument - Bertrand Russell

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  • Bertrand Russell
    • introduced the expression of philosophical logic
      • a process in which key philosophical questions were re-worded into mathematical terms
        • The reason he felt this to be necessary is because he felt that 'everyday' language can be extremely misleading
          • words are often used and the user doesn't know what they stand for
            • he cited the use of the word 'is'
    • This lead to the development of the FALLACY OF COMPOSITION
      • the error that concludes that since parts have a certain property, the whole likewise have that property
        • for example when applied to the cosmological argument: 'objects within the universe were created therefore the universe was created'
    • if Christians believe in a god that is uncaused, then an atheist can believe in a universe that is uncaused.
      • the universe is a 'brute fact', supported by the possibility of infinite regress.


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