Berlioz and 'La Symphonie Fantastique'

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  • Berlioz and 'La Symphonie Fantastique
    • He uses an 'idee fixe' - this is similar to a motif, but the main difference is that the melody NEVER changes,it always stays exactly the same and works to fit around the time signature, key etc.
      • The 'idee fixe' represents everytime Berlioz (or the 'protagonist' of this piece of music sees this woman of interest
    • It is a programmatic piece
      • It tells a story only using instruments, there are no words, just instruments.
    • It has five movements which doesn't follow the conventional four movements
    • Examples
      • Movement 2 - 'Un bal'. This movement is representing them all at a ball and the idee fixe is played to indicate that the woman is there and he has seen her.
      • Movement 3 - the very start of the movement has a call and response section between the oboe and cor anglais. It represents two shepherds talking to one another. However, the difference with this is that the oboe and cor anglais players are behind the stage to create a distant effect


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