Berlin Olympics

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  • 8 key characteristics
    • Used as an opportunity for political propaganda of the third Reich
    • 1936 Berlin Olympics
      • The event was broadcasted to 42 countries and was the first Olympics to be televised.
      • Pioneering female film maker Leni Riefenstahl made a film about the Berlin Olympics called Olympia.
    • Used to showcase Aryan supremacy
    • Presented Nazi control via new 100,000 seat staduim
    • Germany athletes weren't amateurs as they trained full time prior to the games
    • Role model of the games was Lutz Lang as he showed superiority of the race
    • Removed anti-Semitic posters to improve reputation to the rest of the world
    • Because the African-American Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the; 4 by 100metre relay, 200metres, 100metres and long jump Hitler refused to shake his hand after the game.
  • German officials influenced American officials not to include two Jewish athletes in their relay team.


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