Benefits of the Welfare State

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  • Benefits of the Welfare State
    • Social Security
      • Family allowances Act (1945)
        • 5 shillings a week for a child after the first
      • National Insurance Act (1945)
        • Unemployment paid for 6 months
        • Sick pay for as long as they were sick
        • Industrial Injuries Act (1946)
          • extra benefits for people injured at work
      • National Assistance Act (1948)
        • Benefits for ANYBODY in need
        • 'The Times' described it as: 'the last defence against extreme poverty'
    • NHS (1948)
      • Brought in the NHS on 5th July 1948
      • Doctors, Hospital, dentists, midwives were available
        • Free to EVERYBODY
    • 1944 Education Act


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