Benefits of sport

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  • Benefits
    • Social
      • Meet new people
      • Meet people with similar interests
      • Development of teamwork and cooperation
      • Fulfilment by being part of a team
    • Mental
      • Improves confidence and self esteem
      • Relieve agression
      • Promotes feel good factor
      • Develop an aesthetic appreciation
    • Physical
      • Improves CV and flexibility
      • Bone strenghtening
      • Burn stored fat
        • Look good/feel good
  • Cooperation
    • Work as a team and compete
    • Listen and work together for the team to have maximum success
    • Join in with the running of the club
  • Competition
    • Players skills develop
    • Motivation of an individual to compete
    • More success, more competiveness
  • Physical challange
    • Physical activity can present a physical challange
    • You have to problem solve and work hard to reach a set goal
    • This will develop courage and confidence
  • Aesthetic appreciation
    • It is about appreciating the beauty of the sport
    • The person will understand the difficulty of performing a skill
    • As a persons skills develops, they will learn to appreciate the activity
  • Friendship
    • Sports offer a social element
    • Regular attendance will lead to friendships being formed
    • People can become more outgoing and confident in the company of other


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