Benefits and challenges of studying Kenilworth

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  • Benefits and Challenges of studying Kenilworth
    • Benefits
      • Much of the site is still there- we can visit and study the remains
      • It was royally owned for much of its history, so has very well-preserved records and archives. We can see what changes were made
      • Appears in other historical records, so helps us to understand its wider national and local significance
      • Significant feature on the landscape for nearly a millennium, so many visualisations and interpretations have been made to help us visualise original appearance.
    • Challenges
      • Now a ruin, so we don't know its original appearance
      • Has changed dramatically over its history, so we don't know which parts belong to when
      • Interpretations may be affected by opinions and bias
      • Very few drawings of the early castle
      • Artists often worked from incomplete data or romanticized the ruins in the Victorian era
      • Artistic license means we do not know how accurate some of the reconstructions are


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