Civil Religion

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  • Bellah: Civil Religion
    • 1. Bellah is interested in how religion unifies society, especially a multi-faith society, like America.
      • 1a. A civil religion unifies American society.
        • 1b. In America, a civil religion is a faith in Americanism or 'the American way of life'.
    • This is a belief system that attaches sacred qualities to society itself.
    • 2. Civil religion integrates society in a way individual religion cannot.
      • 2a. Involves loyalty to the nation state and a belief in God = true American.
      • 2b. Expressed in various ritual, symbols and beliefs, e.g. the pledge of allegiance to the flag.
    • 3. It sacralises the American way of life, and binds together Americans from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds.


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