believing in God

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  • believing in God
    • A Catholic up bringing
      • Catholic parents are likely to: have their children baptised, first holy communions e.g. Teach their children to believe in God. Teach their children to pray to god.
      • A catholic upbringing is a good thing because: it gives children a sense of belonging to a religion and community. I teaches children morals what is right and wrong. Catholic upbringing keeps a family together because they do activities together.
      • A Catholic upbringing is a bad thing because: Children aren't choosing their religion. A Catholic upbringing takes away the human right to freedom of religion. It can work against community cohesion as children think only their religion is right.
    • The argument from causation
      • proves God exists because: the argument makes sense. The argument fits in with common sense, cause and effect. fits in with science the universe (effect) must have a cause (God). There must have been a beginning- it shows God started everything.
      • nothing can happen by its self everything that happens must have a cause every effect has a cause. The universe cannot of just happened, it must of had a powerful cause. only God could of been powerful enough to cause the universe. Therefore God must exist.
      • Does't prove God exists because: if every needs a cause, why dies it stop at God, what caused God. The universe doesn't need and explanation it was just there and has been forever, it didn't need a cause. If there was a cause who is to say it is a God from any religion. it could be good evil a mix of Gods.
    • religious experiences
      • Numinous- A feeling of something greater than yourself in your presence.
      • Conversion- when your life is changed by giving yourself to God.
      • Miracle- An event that seems to break all  the laws of science, its makes you think that God exists.
      • Prayer- an attempt to contact god, usually through words.
      • proves God exists because: if you feel a presence greater than yourself in a numinous experience it you will think god exists. if you see something that breaks the laws of science it can only be God so you think he exists. If a persons prayers are answered then you may feel God exists,
      • don't prove God exists because: A numinous experience or feelings caused by surroundings, nothing to do with god. Miracles can be explained. There are more unanswered prayers than answered ones. so maybe its luck and God doesn't exist.
    • The argument from design
      • There is evidence of design in the world. if there is design, something must have designed it. The only thing powerful enough to have designed it is God. Therefore God exists.
      • Why would God create the world with imperfections like earthquakes and volcanoes. evolution doesn't need a designer. millions of species are extinct why would he plan that? who is to say that God is the designer, who designed God.
      • There is plenty of example of design in the world for example DNA laws of gravity e.g. everything has been designed. if something is designed, it must have a designer. it could only be God so God exists.
    • Scientific explanations of the world
      • proves God exists because: only God could have created the big bang at exactly the right time. only God could have created the laws of science needed to form the solar system. the believe both the bible and science could be right.
      • doesn't prove God exists because: the world can be explained without God. there is no evidence that the big bang was cause by God. an all knowing and all powerful God wouldn't create such a bad evil world.
      • Matter is eternal, the matter exploded in a big bang. As the matter flew away it formed a solar system. The gases on earth created life and we evolved into humans.


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