Believing in God

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  • Believing in God
    • Religious upbringing
      • Going to Church makes worshipping become natural
      • Reading the Bible could convince them that events are true
      • Praying as a family convinces them God exists becasue the parents wouldn't pray if he didn't
      • The children may go to a religious school to educate them on their faith
    • Religious experience
      • Numinous experience
        • An experience that amazes people and leaves them feeling that a person greater than them exists
      • Conversion
        • An experience that causes someone to change theri belief
      • Prayer
        • Through pray they connect with God so he must exist
      • Miracle
        • Something that goes against the laws of science and makes you believe God exists
    • Causation argument
      • 1) Nothing happens by itself 2) So the universe has a cause 3)The only thing big enough is God 4)Therefore he must exist
    • Design argument
      • 1) To design something you need intelligence 2) The universe shows signs of design 3)The only person clever enough is God 4) Therrefore he must exist
    • Explanations of the world
      • The Big Bang
        • Scientists believe the Universe began because of an explosion
        • Christians believe this is seen as God saying 'let there be light' in the creation story in Genesis
      • Evolution
        • People believe that humanity has adapted over time and the strongest survived
        • Christians believe that we have adapted over time but say there is too many missing links for evolution to exist
    • Unanswered prayers
      • If God existed he would answer all prayers but he doesn't so he mustn't
      • Christians say
        • It's to test our faith
        • It's punishment for Adam and Eve disobeying God
        • He knows what's best for us in the long run
    • Evil and Suffering
      • 1)If God was omnibenevolent he would want to get rid of it
        • 2) If God was omniscient he would know how to remove it
          • 3) If God was omnipotent he would be able to remove it
            • 4) However it exists so God musn't
      • Christians say
        • It is the chioces of humans so to take away evil and suffering would also take away our free will
        • We seek comfort from God becuase of it
        • He couldn't reward people as well as punsih others


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