Believing In God Overview

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  • Believing in God
    • Religious upbring
      • Reading or watching bible stories
      • Praying as a family
        • Parents wouldnt pray if it wasnt real
      • Celebrating religious festival as a family e.g. christmas
        • explaining meaning and importance at the events
    • The existence of god
      • God is real (Christian Response)
    • Religion and the media
      • The media can sometimes lead a person towards a belief in God.
        • Against religion
          • The Big Question was a television documentary series produced by the Discovery Channel. One of the episodes was presented by Richard Dawkins who outlined how he believes Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection disproves the religious idea of intelligent design in the creation of the universe.
    • Free will and evil
      • Natural Evil
      • Moral Evil
        • If god is all beneovlent he would want to remove evil.
          • Natural Evil
          • If he is omniscient he would know how to
            • If he was omnipotent he would be able to
  • Explination
    • Always use both
      • Evidence
  • Convince them events are true
    • Reading or watching bible stories


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