Believing in God

a mindmap covering the basics on unit 3 exam, section 1: Belief in Gof

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  • Believing in God
    • why do people believe in God?
      • causation - everything had a cause, what created the universe? GOD!
      • the arguement of deasign
    • an ATHEIST is someone who does not believe in God.
    • natural evil = tsunamis, earthquakes, disease.
    • moral evil = murder, abuse.  **** etc
    • numinous = the feeling of the presence of something greater than you
    • prayer = an attempt to communicate with God, usually with words.
    • the 'design arguement' was created by William Paley
    • the 'causation' arguement was created by St Thomas Aquinas
    • Catholic upbringing
      • taught to pray
      • baptised and first holy communion
      • taken to church on a regular basis
      • taught about Jesus and the Bibile
    • why don't people believe in God?
      • matter is eternal, it cannot be created or destryoyed.
      • the Big Bang
      • Darwin/ natural selection
      • unanswered prayer
    • Religious experience: numinous, prayer, miracles, conversion
    • Why does God allow suffering?
      • it is not God who causes suffering: he created humans with free will, we choose what we do and evil is caused solely by humans
      • suffering allows us to appreciate the good moments in life.
      • if there are people suffering, then it gives oter people a chance to help those in need.


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