Belief in God

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  • Belief in God
    • Religious Upbringing.
      • Main features:
        • 1) babies baptised
        • teach their children to pray
        • teach their children about god
      • How it may lead to belief in god.
        • They will believe their parents because they will look up to them
        • They will pray , so they will think he exists.
        • seeing so many people worshipping god will make them believe he exists.
    • Religious experiences.
      • conversion may allow someone to believe in god because it will help them understand that devoting yourself to god, your life changes.
      • Miricals may allow someone to beleive that only god would have made something possible : eg how jesus rose from the dead.
      • a numinous feeling may allow you to belive in god because no one else other than god can give you such a feeling of a special presence.
      • Prayers may allow you to believe in god because god answeres all prayers if they arent selfish or unkind : eg: praying for a sick relative.
    • Design of god argument:
      • everything has a designer.
      • evidence that the world had a designer: ei: dna, finger prints.
      • If the world hasnt been designed then it mustnt have a designer.
      • Only god could have designed something so wonderful as the world.
    • argument for causation
      • the way everything seems to have a cause makes people to believe the universe must have a cause.
      • God is the only logical cause of the creation of the universe
    • Scientific explanations of the world and agnostic and atheism
      • Big Bang Theory
      • earth was mace 15 billion years ago.
      • the gases made primitive life.
      • If science can explain the earths formation without God, it can lead to people being agnostic as they no longer need god to explain why we are here


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