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  • Why Christian families raise their children to believe in God?
    • They believe their religion gives children a secure basis and helps them through difficulty
    • It is their duty to marry, have a family and raise their family in a Christian faith.
  • An experience that makes the person change its beliefs,lifestyle.An atheist may believe in God or someone may change its religion.  In the Bible Saul persecuted Christians.    After his conversion experience he became a Christian.
  • The universe is too complex to have happened by chance or be designed by any being other than God.
    • Therefore God exists.
    • This suggest there must be someone who is very powerful to have designed the world.
      • The universe shows evidence of being designed (eg. gravity)
        • Design is the result of intelligent thought.
          • Overview of the design argument
  • He compared it to a watch
    • If a person saw a watch for the first time that person would have known it had been designed because it is so complexed.
      • A watch has a lot of parts that have been carefully planned and designed for it to work successfully.
        • Paley argued the same about the universe saying it could not have happened by chance and it must have had a clever designed
          • The only being capable of making a very complexed and well designed universe is God .
            • Therefore God exists.
    • William Paley's version of the design argument.
  • We cannot possibly prove that God's existence and the design argument only suggest he is the designer.
    • The argument against the design because some people think that.....
      • Evil and suffering shows that the Earth has not been designed because the designer would have taken more care to not include things such as natural disasters.
      • There are many faults with the world e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis. If it was designed then surely the designer would have not included these.
  • The universe cannot have happened by itself.
    • A powerful cause was necessary to cause the universe
      • This cause has to be God.
        • Therefore God exists.
    • Everything that happens must be caused by something
      • Nothing happens by itself
  • Against
    • if God caused the universe who caused God?
    • The Big Bang is more likely to cause the universe.
    • For
  • Many of the events that theists believe such as miracles can be explained by science or as coincidences.
    • Why do atheists not believe in God?
      • There is no physical proof that God exists.
  • Scientific explanations of the origins of the world
    • an massive explosion started the universe 15 billion years ago.
    • Darwin's theory of the gradual development of species over millions of years ago.
    • The way in which species naturally select the characteristics for survival.


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