Belfast Confetti Mindmap

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  • Belfast Confetti
    • Story
      • Persona trying to survive the chaos created by the Belfast riots
      • Describes the persona trying to escape the riots
    • Purpose
      • Express Conflict within Belfast
      • Show how damaging the shops and surrounding area has an effect on civillians
    • Emotions
      • Confused
        • Describes the persona trying to escape the riots
      • Dissarray
      • Unsafe
      • Disorientation
    • Language
      • 'raining'
        • cry of fear and pain
      • 'Labyrinth'
        • Maze, shows persona no longer recognizes the place they live
      • 'Suddenly
        • happened imidiatly or unexpectidly
      • 'I was trying to complete a sentence in my head but it kept stuttering
        • Explosion has stopped him from thinking straight
      • 'Blocked with stops and colons'
        • Persona can't escape
      • Question Marks highlight confusion
    • Layout
      • normal line followed by a short one
        • Makes it sound punchy
      • 2 Stanzas
      • Varying sentence length
    • Techniques
      • Imagery/ linking between punctuation and the this going on around him
      • Punctuation marks metaphorically describe events
      • 'Raining exclamation marks'
        • Metaphor for screams
      • 'Asterisk on the map'
        • Metaphor for explosion
      • 'Hyphenated line'/'a burst if rapid fire
        • Metaphor for machine gun fire
      • Ellipses (...)
        • shows the fight carrying on
      • Enjambment


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