AS Psychology Behaviourist Assumptions Q1a

AS Psychology Unit 1
Behavourist Assumptions

  • Operant Conditioning
  • Classical Conditioning
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  • Behavourist Assumptions
    • Classical Conditioning
      • Behaviours learned through association
      • Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS) e.g. being bitten
        • Fear Response - Unconditioned Response (UCR)
          • e.g. Presence of a dog (Neutral Stimulus) at the same time as being bitten leads to association.
            • The dog is now a Conditioned Stimulus which produces a Fear Respose (Conditioned Response)
    • Operant Conditioning
      • Behaviours learned through reinforcement and punishment
      • Positive consequences - reinforcing and increase the probability that a behaviour will be repeated
      • Negative consequences -punishing and decrease the probablility that a behaviour will be repeated


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