Behaviourist Approach Assumptions

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  • Behaviourist Approach Q1
    • Q1a Assumptions
      • Classical Conditioning
        • Explanation: Learning through association. Aims to account for the way in which reflex/automatic behaviours may become associated with a new stimulus that doesn't naturally produce a response.
        • Example: Pavlov conditioned his dogs to salivate whenever they heard the sound of a buzzer.
        • Process: UCS is repeatedly paired with with a NS. Because of this, the NS will become the CS which will produce a CR.
      • Operant Conditioning
        • Explanation: It suggests that behaviour is shaped depending on consequence
          • Positive reinforcement- something pleasurable added to a situation, strengthens behaviour.
          • Negative reinforcement: something aversive taken from a situation, strengthens behaviour
          • Punishment: some pleasurable taken/something aversive added to a situation, weakens behaviour
        • Example: Skinner conditioned a rat to press a lever to get food by using operant conditioning.


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