behaviourist theories for abnormalities 

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  • behaviourist theories for abnormalities
    • phobias
      • classical conditioning
      • learning through association
      • case of little albert who was classically conditioned to fear white rabbits
      • before conditioning  loud noise =fear          white rat no response
      • during conditioning loud noise +white rat=fear
      • after conditioning white rat = fear he even feared things associated with rat he feared santa claus and cotton wool
    • OCD
      • The behaviourist aspect of OCD is linked to the compulsions performed during OCD.
      • psychologists consider performing a compulsion to be a learned behaviour that is reinforced by the consequence of performing them for example if a compulsive behaviour ends in a favourable outcome (washing hands reduces anxiety ) this is a positive reinforcement
      • behaviours can have two reinforcement mechanisms working- negative placing clothes in precise order removal of anxiety or postive clothes arranged in desired order


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