Behaviourist approach

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  • Behaviourist approach
    • Basic assumptions
      • No genetic influence; solely environment
      • Born as blank slate; learning through experience
    • Classical conditioning
      • CS -> CR
        • UCS + NS = UCR
          • NS -> no response
          • UCS -> UCR
      • Pavlov / Watson and Rayner
    • Operant conditioning
      • Positive reinforcement; positive consequences that want a behaviour to reoccur
      • Negative reinforcement; avoidance of negative consequences makes behaviour reoccur
      • Punishment; negative consequences that want a behaviour to stop
      • Skinner's rats; food as positive reinforcement; electric floor as punishment; avoidance of floor as negative reinforcement
    • Evaluation
      • Comparative psych - different cognition and behsviour
      • PA - token economies and therapies (SD, flooding); used in prisons to fix behaviour
      • Environmentaldeterminism - completely ignores free will
      • Lab experiments; high control, standardised procedures
      • Ignores complex and spontanrous behaviour (can't explain it)


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