Psychological explanations - Behavioural

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  • Behavioural explantion
      • All the symptoms can be related to this approach
        • Bizarre behaviour - operant conditioning, get attention from the behaviour so behave this way to gain attention. OR SLT - can copy the behaviour seen from other people
        • Auditory hallucinations- operant conditioning, the hallucinations are reinforced and are believed real, they also get sympathy and could continue whether real or not
      • Classical conditioning - learning through association. Operant conditioning - learning through reinforcementSLT - learning  through observation
      • A consequence of faulty learning
      • Scheff labelling theory suggests that individuals labelled in this way may continue to conform to the label. Then rewarded with attention and so reinforced
      • Any symptoms could be SLT because children with schizophrenicparents could copy and develop symptoms overtime
      • Ulman and Krasner observed mental health nurses and found they reinforced the behaviour by giving them more attention
      • Has some face validity but lacks conviction as a causal explanation
      • Reductionist because it ignores any other genetic and biological theories behind it
      • The validity of the model is moderately supported by the success of behaviour therapies


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