Behavioural Approach to Abnormality

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  • Behavioural Approach to Abnormality
    • Classical Conditioning
      • Learning by association
      • E.g An    Arguments = Fear  Arguments + Food = Fear     Food = Fear
      • Support - Little albert, white rat, fear can be learned
    • Operant Conditioning
      • Learning by reinforcement
      • Person is complimented on weight loss
      • Reinforced by losing weight - get too thin - people worry/ attention- reinforced more weight loss
    • SLT
      • Learning from others
      • Expect same rewards if they copy behaviour (VR)
      • E.g.Thin celebs have fame, money, attractive partner, vulnerable girls copy to get same rewards
      • More AN in western culture where media emphasises on being thin
    • Biological Reductionist - Done on rats may not have the same anatomy, much more simple
    • Reductionist - presumes everything is learnt, neglects other approaches


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