Behavioural approach treatments

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  • Behavioural approach therapies
    • Systematic desenitisation
      • Is where the therapist attempts to replace the fear response by an alternative and harmless response
      • For phobias the therapist asks them to think of the most fearful part of their phobia and the least fearful
        • The therapist then trains them in relaxation which is the alternative harmless response and the aim of the procedure is replace the fear response with relaxation
          • Therapist asks client to visualise the least feared situation
            • Once client is comfortable then they have to visualise next situation in hierarchy, is then associated with the alternative response
    • Flooding
      • Flooding involves inescapable exposure to the feared object or situation that carries on until the fear is lost
        • if flooding ends too soon, when anxiety levels are too high it may have opposite it may have opposite affect and the phobia will be reinforced rather than removed
    • Aversion therapy
      • aims to associate undesirable behaviour with an unpleasant stiumuluss
        • used in 1950s to cure homosexuality by pairing electric shocks with pictures of naked men
        • Now aversion therapy is used for addictiveness


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