Psychology behavioural mind map

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  • Behavioural - focuses on the environmental causes and experiences we have for our behaviour
    • Classical conditioning
      • Learn by association
      • Watson + Rayne - 11 months old Albert
        • Showed no fear to white rats etc.
        • Steel 4 foot long bar, struck bar with hammer when child reached for rate
        • Conditioned a fer response in him
    • Operant conditioning
      • Learn by reinforcement
      • Skinner - rat in cage
        • When the rat pulled the lever it was given food
        • After a while, food replaced with electric shock
        • Rat soon stopped
    • Social learning
      • Learn by watching
      • either  genetics or learning
      • Janey sees  her dad kicking over a bobo doll
        • She thinks its what you are supposed to do when you see one.
        • Then proceeds and thinks it's normal
    • Research methods
      • Humans
        • Appropiate method for testing
      • Animals
        • You cannot generalise - not 100% same
    • Limitations
      • Limited - summarises humans on behaviour
      • Alternatives - may not have been a specific incident/somefears are adaptive
      • Fruit not root - may be an underlying cause beyond the behaviour (symptoms substiution)


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