Behavioural approaches to treat phobias

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    • Behavioural approaches to treat phobias
      • Flooding
        • What is it?  Exposing phobic patients to their phobia , immediate exposure to a very frightening situation.
        • Stops phobic repsonses quickly           In classical conditioning this is known as EXTINCTION  Although it is not unethical you must get written consent
        • Evaluations     Cost effective    Less effective for some phobias      treatment is traumatic
    • What is it?                     Used to prevent an unwanted, such as anxiety. A list of anxiety provoking things in hierarchy , make the patient relax while overcoming the list. Patient works through the hierarchy using principles of classical conditioning.
    • There are 3 Process involved :     ANXIETY HIERACHY    RELAXATION EXPOUSRE
      • Anxiety Hierarchy- A list put together by the paitent and psychologists , put situations in  orde of least frightening to most.
      • Relaxation- therapists teaches patients to relax as deeply as possible , if not drugs such as Valium can be used.
      • Exposure - the patient is exposed to the phobia in a relaxed state , takes several sessions to build from the bottom of the list to the top.
    • Evaluations     Effective     Suitable for a range of patients    Acceptable for patients- less traumatic


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