Before you were mine

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  • Before you were mine
    • Context
      • Born in roman catholic family, in Glasgow.
      • role of women in the 1950's- women at home raising family.
      • sinister theme of fate of women- ending 'going out' days
    • form
      • dramatic monologue- fictional poet takes on image of someone else
        • however it is autobiographical so not proper dramatic monologue.
    • Structure
      • poem begins and ends on pavement- and the title repetition at the end- shows the fate and aspirations of women are inescapeable
    • language
      • 'who's small bites on your neck, sweetheart'- reversal of roles possessiveness.
      • 'relics' objects from historical times. shows that she values her mother but doesn't understand her past life.
      • 'cha cha cha! you'd teach me the steps on the way home from mass' contrast of roman catholic and dance whilst intoxicated.
      • 'i wanted the bold girl' wants her mother to still lead her glamouous lifestyle, blames herself.


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