how can urban living be made more sustainable

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  • BedZED- how can urban living be made more sustainable
    • Beddington zero energy development
    • location
      • wallington
      • south london
    • eco village
      • houses 100 homes
      • aims to reduce waste
      • creates a sustainable urban living area by being more energy efficient
    • built in 2002
    • sustainable
      • only meets 10% of a typical UK home's heating requirements
      • reduce waste of landfill sites by 10%
        • constructed from waste materials eg timber, doors, kerb stones and paving
      • pay-as-you-drive
        • club members use a locally based fleet of  vehicles
        • encourages only essential car uses
      • sedum plant
        • succulant acts as a sponge
        • water collected is used to flush toilettes
      • brownfield site
        • by putting lots of people in the land it is being used efficiently
      • energy efficient       appliances and segregated recycling  bins
        • reduce waste and landfill sites
      • water meter eye level
        • so can be monitored regularly
      • water waste is cleaned and re-used (in flushing toilettes) on site
        • reduces waste and electricity
      • duel flush toilettes and low flow taps
        • reduce water waste
      • lots of natural lights
        • less spent on lighting
      • secure bike shed
        • encourage people to use bikes, reducing green house gases and obesity
      • specially made vents
        • reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer
      • large south facing windmills to heat house
        • no need for central heating
    • carbon neutral
      • amount of energy taken from the national grid should be no greater than the amount being put back in
    • sustainable
      • meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


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